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For 20 years, Capgemini has objectively analyzed the investment needs of the world's High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) defined as people with more than US $1 million in net financial wealth, excluding primary residence.

Published since 1997, the World Wealth Report is widely read by top executives in the banking, securities and insurance industries as well as those in the luxury goods markets. It is viewed as the global benchmark in terms of numbers and wealth of HNWIs and is sourced in hundreds of media reports throughout the year.

No other report provides as comprehensive a view of global HNWIs: their size, behaviors and implications for the financial services industry. The report is updated annually and uses a proprietary Lorenz curve methodology.

The report has built a strong and lasting reputation as the industry benchmark for HNWIs market sizing originally at a global and regional level but increasingly at a country level. The report includes three sections covering:

  • World's population of HNWIs and their investable wealth
  • Wealth drivers and economic and market trends that impact the way HNWIs invest
  • Spotlight on key topics. For 2012, the spotlight focuses on scalable business models to drive profitable growth

The model currently covers 71 countries accounting for over 98% of global Gross National Income and 99% of world stock market capitalization. We continuously work to update the model with additional country-specific analysis as reliable data becomes available.

Over the years, the WWR has covered a variety of research topics in its featured spotlight section including:

  • 2007 - Exploring Needs-Based Service Models to better meet increasingly complex HNW client needs
  • 2008 - Meeting diverse client needs in growth markets requires flexible service models and technology strategies
  • 2009 - Optimizing Client-Advisor-Firm dynamics as wealth management firms tackle crises and look forward
  • 2010 - Post-crises, firms adapt to cautious HNWI behavior by integrating Behavioral Finance to transform and deliver better service
  • 2011 - Addressing new client concerns and industry dynamics via an Enterprise Value approach that leverages capabilities from multiple business units
  • 2012 - Wealth management firms look to Scalable Business Models to drive profitable AuM growth and bolster client-advisor relationships

World Wealth and Population: 2004-2011


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