Social Media Strategies for Telecommunications

Develop a cost-effective social media strategy tounderstand, assess and effectively connect with your customers.

Why You Need a Social Media Strategy

Over the last few years, social networks have rapidly become the primary place where customers engage with each other about issues relating to a product or service. An effective social media strategy allows companies to listen to customer interactions proactively resolve customer complaints.
With an effective social media strategy, you can experience:
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Greater return on marketing investment
  • Reduced operating and labor costs
  • Increased IT efficiency
  • More customer lifecycle moments of value
  • Effective business intelligence & lead discovery

Engage with Customers and Make Your Connections Count

Social networks are now viewed as useful ‘tools’ for companies to better understand their customers as they facilitate ‘listening’ to the discussions that take place online over blogs, social networks and forums. An effective social media strategy uses your customers’ personal and professional networks to grow your business.
Our four solutions include:
  • Sales upgrades and offers automation: Automate the gathering and sharing of relevant sales information for fast, low-cost sales programs
  • Loyalty vouchers and rebates: Reward customers through coupon and loyalty automation software
  • Customer complaint scenarios: Reduce complaint management costs while providing quicker, more personal responses
  • Brand management: Proactively monitor customer sentiments and gain insights using innovative data analysis tools

Treat Social Media as an Information Asset

We help you access the benefits of social media without the high costs of building a new IT infrastructure. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of social media, multi-channel customer management, and the latest technologies.

We incorporate information from social media into your complete enterprise information map. Thanks to new technologies, we help you increase return on investment by implementing a combination of Service-Oriented Architecture, Master Data Management and cloud solutions.
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