Equipo directivo

Nuestro Comité Ejecutivo y otros directores del Grupo

El Comité Ejecutivo tiene 20 miembros:

  • Paul Hermelin

    Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


  • John Brahim

    Application Services Two (France, Benelux, the Nordic countries, Germany, Central Europe, Southern Europe)

  • André Cichowlas

    Delivery and Competitiveness

  • Lanny Cohen


  • Pierre-Yves Cros


  • Thierry Delaporte

    Integration Management Capgemini IGATE

  • Aiman Ezzat


  • Hubert Giraud

    People Management and Transformation

  • Philippe Grangeon

    Marketing and Communications, Capgemini University

  • Cyril Garcia

    Capgemini Consulting

  • Aruna Jayanthi


  • Jean-Baptiste Massignon

    General Secretariat

  • Paul Nannetti

    Global Sales and Portfolio

  • Patrick Nicolet

    ​Infrastructure Services

  • Salil Parekh

    Application Services One (Asia-Pacific, North America, United Kingdom and Financial Services Sector)

  • Luc-François Salvador

    Application Services Asia Pacific

  • Olivier Sevillia

    Application Services Two (France, Benelux, the Nordic countries, Germany, Central Europe, Southern Europe)

  • Christopher Stancombe

    Business Process Outsourcing

  • Ashok Vemuri


  • Hans van Waayenburg


Directores principales

Operations Directors

  • Nicolas Aidoud

  • Jean-Philippe Bol 
    Application Services Continental Europe 

  • Christophe Bonnard 
    Sogeti France Europe 

  • Tim Bridges
    Application Services, North America

  • Dee Burger 
    North America CEO, Capgemini Consulting

  • Walter Cappilati 
    Application and Infrastructure Services, Latin America

  • Kishor Chitale
    Business Development, India

  • Patrick Ferraris
    Capgemini Consulting France

  • Navin Goel
    Sogeti North America

  • Christine Hodgson 
    Country Board United Kingdom

  • Dominique Lafond 
    Sogeti High Tech

  • Andrew Levitt 
    Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Account

  • Carole Murphy 
    Business Process Outsourcing, Business Transformation

  • Devesh Nayel 
    Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Financial Services

  • Michael Schulte 
    Country Board Germany

  • Jérome Siméon 
    Application Services France

  • Paul Thorley 
    Capgemini Australia

  • Jeroen Versteeg
    Application Services, the Netherlands

  • Cliff Yu 

Central Functions Directors

  • Philippe Christelle 
    Internal Audit, Ethics and Complaice



  • Diane Holman 
    Talent Management

  • Charlie Li

  • Alain de Marcellus 

  • Karine Marchat 
    Business Control and Reporting 

  • Bruno Nigrelli 
    Information Systems

  • Virginie Regis
    Marketing and Digital

  • Isabelle Roux-Chenu 
    International Legal Affairs

  • Lucia Sinapi-Thomas

  • Perry Stoneman