Performance Testing with Real-World Network Virtualization

Understand how an application will behave before going live

Ensuring the performance of business-critical applications in different environments can be challenging, especially for major application rollouts, infrastructure changes and database migrations.

Jean-Pascal Duniau
Leader Mobile Applications, Global Testing Services

Ensure a Positive End-user Experience

Consumers expect a seamless experience when using an application. So organizations need to test, measure and tune the performance throughout the application lifecycle. Yet many do not.

Many have an immature testing approach, or applications in production fail to meet critical performance requirements. These result in productivity loss for end-users, loss in online transaction revenue and other consumer services being abandoned.

Remediation costs increase as time and resources are required to isolate, diagnose and resolve performance problems in production. Application Performance Engineering provides the solution.

Application Performance Testing Pinpoints Performance Bottlenecks

With our partner Shunra, we work with you to implement Application Performance Engineering (APE) solutions. This enables you to know in advance how your voice, video and business applications will perform across the WAN, WEB, mobile and cloud.

Our APE process helps you:

  • Discover performance conditions from the target deployment environment
  • Incorporate real-world network virtualization
  • Report performance results against targets
  • Analyze performance bottlenecks
  • Automate optimization recommendations

With this insight, you can implement and validate measures for remediation and optimization prior to roll-out or infrastructure changes; critical to ensuring a positive end-user experience.

A Performance Service that Delivers on Accuracy

Our joint service combines unique IP - our market-leading position based on TMap® and Shunra’s unique framework. Together, we can ensure:

  • Simulation of real-world network conditions for more accurate results
  • Server capacity and scalability testing to reduce hardware failure in production
  • Best practice approach for lower costs and quicker ‘time-to-value’
  • Optimized performance for a more positive user experience, especially for mobile applications
  • Mitigated risk such as expensive global application deployments or data center relocations