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Más de 10 años trabajando juntos ofreciendo soluciones de negocio y tecnología para nuestros clientes de servicios financieros. 


Capgemini & Microsoft


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Since 1997, Capgemini and Microsoft have had a Global Strategic Partnership covering all Capgemini locations across five continents.

Capgemini and Microsoft work together to help clients develop and implement powerful integrated solutions on the Microsoft platform. Our solution portfolio embodies both financial services and technology-specific solutions. Clients can benefit from the latest Microsoft enterprise technologies including Windows Server, Office System (including SharePoint), SQL Server, Performance Point Server and .NET software including BizTalk and Visual Studio Team Services and Office 365. Capgemini has more than 9,500 people across the globe trained in Microsoft technologies.

Capgemini Financial Services has a Strategic Partnership with Microsoft. We are developing a number of financial services solutions for leading banks, insurers, and capital markets firms that include:

  • Multi channel solutions
  • Bank credit risk solution
  • Solvency II modeling solutions

Capgemini Financial Services and Microsoft also work with a number of technology partners who offer financial services solutions on the Microsoft platform:

You can learn more details about Capgemini's Global Strategic Partnership with Microsoft and Capgemini's full range of offerings or read articles from Capgemini Financial Services experts in Microsoft Finance on Windows.

Data Quality

Jojy Matthews, Financial Services Business Information Management, examines the best strategy for financial firms looking to operationalize an integrated data quality program.

Data quality is an essential and fundamental building block of an enterprise information management program. Since quality information is critical to making informed and accurate business decisions, executive leadership is often the largest proponent and sponsor of data quality programs. In the financial services sector, data quality is mandated by regulations such as Solvency II in insurance and Basel II/III in banking and thus a crucial part of running the business.

Jojy Matthews
Financial Services Business Information Management

Cloud Computing

André Cichowlas, Financial Services Chief Technology Officer, outlines his perspectives on how financial institutions have a lot to gain from leveraging hybrid cloud models, where business use a mix of on-premise and cloud-based software and services.

Cloud computing is not just a new software offer or product; it is a new way of thinking about the architecture of IT systems to make them more cost efficient and agile.

André Cichowlas
Financial Services Chief Technology Officer

Online Banking

Pierre-Yves Glever, Financial Services Multi-Channel Practice Leader, comments on how consumers are using web technologies to meet their needs.

"Comparison tools allow Internet consumers to hone in on the exact product they want, and this is a radical change. In the past, a branch teller could promote products to the consumer. Today, the consumer leads the interaction and is a much more mature and independent buyer. Consumers are more aware of their buying choices and look for added value. The consumer also has complete control over the time, place and channel of the interaction."

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