Gestión del fraude para Banca

En vista de la cada vez mayor preocupación por la seguridad cibernética, las instituciones financieras necesitan detectar, prevenir y gestionar el fraude y los delitos financieros en todas las líneas de negocio.
Descubra cómo nuestra solución Gestión Global contra el Fraude, creada con nuestro partner SAS, puede proteger la reputación de la marca de su banco, maximiza sus capacidades de detección y prevención del fraude - gracias a la consolidación de sistemas dispares, mejorando la productividad del personal y reduciendo los casos reales de fraude.

Getting the Data Right

The increasing complexity of fraud and cyber crime means banks are challenged to carefully balance fraud identification and loss prevention against customer experience.

Disparate transaction systems make handling data complex which can frustrate the customer and questions the true effectiveness of existing fraud defenses.

Banks must carefully balance fraud identification and loss prevention against the customer experience. At the same time, too many false positives and inefficient investigative processes drive up operational costs, which force banks to increase spending on financial crime risk management against sophisticated attacks.

Geographic expansion, acquisitions, and organizational silos make the task of gathering and formatting data from disparate repositories quite complex. Whether using existing data integration platforms or third-party applications.

To improve their fraud detection, organizations need to easily access, extract, cleanse, aggregate, load, and manage data for analysis, including integrating external sources such as social networking sites to their internal data.

A Complete Fraud Prevention Suite that’s Tried and Tested

Now banks can "future proof" themselves by protecting against both known and unknown vulnerabilities, and have the flexibility for managing new threats as they arise. The Global Fraud Management Solution from Capgemini and SAS helps you detect prevent and manage fraud and financial crime across all lines of your business.

Your financial institution can expect tangible results such as these:

  • Helping to achieve highly effective detection rates with clients reporting increases in detection rates from 50% to 90%, while reducing overall alerts from tens of thousands to under a hundred
  • Greatly reducing false positives with up to 95% improvement in false positive rates
  • Significantly improving investigator efficiency with investigation time for each referred fraud case being reduced by up to 70%
  • Driving significant process efficiencies including reduction in time taken for overall credit approval processes from one day to 15 minutes

Our approach to fraud prevention provides a comprehensive suite of services and addresses both business and IT demands to deliver business outcomes and a healthy return on investment.

Our solution is built upon four components:

  • Fraud diagnostic assesses the current state and designs a blueprint for the future
  • Threat assessment identifies current and future risks and vulnerabilities
  • Analytics innovation brings advanced analytics to bear on issues related to both consumer and fraudster behavior
  • Optimization of fraud management processes and tools helps to develop appropriate customer authentication strategies, business rules and other anti-fraud measures

Market leading solution backed by deep banking expertise

Capgemini and SAS bring together more than 20 years of experience with banks, delivering thousands of projects in the banking industry. Our solution leverages SAS® Fraud Framework and a breadth of experience in financial crime management processes.

We currently serving 8 of the top 15 banks and 6 of the top 10 consumer finance companies and SAS serves more than 3,100 customers within the banking and capital market areas worldwide

Bridging the business and technology divide

We see Fraud as a business problem that needs a business solution. We don’t just use technology to address the problem. We have designed our approach to be business-led and non-prescriptive, allowing us to take advantage of our clients’ existing investments to reduce cost, accelerate change and reduce time to benefits.

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