La homogeneidad en las tecnologías de la información es más importante que nunca - Estamos listos para ayudar a aumentar el retorno de su inversión en SAP

Increasing energy efficiency, conservation, competition and tight price pressures for Utilities companies have posed significant challenges in the recent years.

Utility companies are counting on technological innovation to manage in such a marketplace - innovation not just in instrumentation technology, but also in the information technology systems and architecture just below the surface.

One thing for sure: SAP has to be delivering meaningful data with which users can improve many different business activities.

Capitalize Your SAP Investment

UtilityPath is our All-in-One pre-configured SAP software solution for Utilities sector covering Water, Gas and Electricity. Based on pre-designed configurations with industry-relevant templates, it streamlines operations and enables greater control of core business processes.

UtilityPath is delivered with simplified processes, workflows and integration. UtilityPath can be delivered on the cloud, on premise powered by our OnePath approach. You also benefit from the following business scenarios within UtilityPath:

  • Customer service using SAP CRM
  • Meter to cash using SAP IS-U
  • Customer billing and invoicing using SAP IS-U
  • Procure to pay to support procurement and inventory management
  • Finance to manage including dunning and collections
  • Maintenance scenarios such as corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance
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