SAP OnePath

Resultados en los que puede confiar.

Nuestro software proporciona prácticas líderes en la industria en un plazo de ejecución más corto. Con OnePath, puede recibir de un único proveedor todo el software y los servicios que necesita para un mayor rendimiento.

A smarter way to enjoy the benefits of SAP

Capgemini has built a range of solutions for your industry that combine SAP’s market-leading SAP Business Suite technology with Capgemini’s deep industry expertise. Capgemini’s Path solutions are certified Business All-in-One solutions that allow you to implement SAP rapidly, and embed industry-leading practices that deliver business results. There’s no need to source software and services from many different suppliers. With OnePath from Capgemini, we bundle them as a service that can include the following:
  • Licensing
  • Maintenance
  • Implementation
  • Infrastructure
  • Application Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing