Not all SAP implementation methodologies are equal, and iSAP is the one that stands out. An “industrialized” approach, iSAP delivers more value to your business.

The best of everything; the value you’re looking for


An industrialized methodology is perfected and proven. In iSAP we’ve built in all the components — quantitative and qualitative — that assure an implementation both efficient and effective.

  • Find opportunities to improve end-to-end process performance using techniques such as Value Stream Mapping
  • Focus on customer-critical requirements, using our Design by Acception® (DbA) approach
  • Find the right balance between your company’s unique requirements and SAP/lean best practices
  • Incorporate the best processes and procedures to achieve optimized performance
  • Make sure that post-migration data is complete, accurate, and usable
  • Prepare your people for an SAP-enabled business transformation

The way we work optimizes the results we deliver

iSAP includes six phases: project preparation, blueprint, realization build, realization test, final preparation. In each phase, we bring the extra value that makes iSAP singularly effective in delivering an SAP solution that works successfully, supporting your company in the achievement of its goals:

  • Business process perspective — By focusing on how people and systems work together, we find measurable opportunities to improve end-to-end process performance through SAP-enabled changes and lean best practices
  • Beyond-the-basics development — Because our methodology is robust with best-practice templates for the basics, we can quickly apply two added-value techniques — “design by exception” and “critical path sequencing” — to make sure that the new system really fits your business
  • User-responsive data management — Industrialization enables optimized data migration; at the same time, we work with sources and users to make sure that data is accurate and usable
  • Optimal technical infrastructure — Because of our “do it right the first time” philosophy and standardized work flows, the SAP solution fits your business, not just today but also tomorrow
  • Organization change management — Another value-added embedded in iSAP is the preparation of people, process, and technology for an SAP-enabled business transformation
  • Project management — We work lean, always looking for and finding ways to incorporate the best, established standards and procedures for project management to achieve optimal productivity

What makes your business a success?

We care about that question, and we keep it top-of-mind during your SAP implementation.

For Capgemini, excellence is fundamental.  We’re committed to client satisfaction, each and every time. iSAP is the newest way we’re proving our value as an SAP “Global Partner Service Innovator” and a recognized leader in SAP implementations around the world. The right methodology, at the right time — made to deliver more value, right now — that’s iSAP.

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