World Retail Banking Report 2012

9th edition of the World Retail Banking Report


Welcome to the World Retail Banking Report 2012 from Capgemini and Efma. Now in its ninth year, the report offers insights into the relationship between customers and their primary bank.

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Press Release: World Retail Banking Report 2012 Finds Customer Experiences Must Improve Forcing Banks to Re-Evaluate Their Business Models

Report Highlights

According to the Report’s Customer Experience Index, which surveyed over 18,000 bank customers across 35 countries, 9% of customers are likely to leave their banks in the next six months while 40% are unsure they'll stay long term. The report shows banks have a significant opportunity to close the customer sentiment gap and address the factors that matter most to them to increase loyalty. Quality of service (53%), fees, (50%), ease of use (49%) and interest rates (49%) represent the biggest impact areas to keep customers from leaving. The report also reveals that mobile banking services have yet to be fully leveraged.

  • North American banks lead in customer satisfaction
    Banks recorded a global average of 65% in terms of customer satisfaction, find out how satisfied customers in other regions are in the full report. Despite general satisfaction with their primary bank nearly 10% of customers surveyed indicated they will leave over the next six months.
  • To prevent customer loss, banks must use new approaches to traditional strategies
    The Report found banks that are pursuing a traditional strategy of "do-everything" to improve customer experience should consider differentiating on only one or two dimensions, prioritizing investments to strengthen core competencies that address their customers' most pressing demands. Explore three new operating models for sustainable future performance.
  • While Mobile is the channel with the most potential, other channels still lead in terms of customer preference
    Banks modestly increased their levels of positive customer experience from last year but they still are not delivering enough positive experiences. Just over 40% of customers are having positive experiences through most channels today. Find out which channels are providing the greatest positive customer experience in each region.

About the World Retail Banking Report

The World Retail Banking Report provides insights into customer attitudes towards retail banking using a comprehensive Voice of the Customer survey which polled over 18,000 retail banking customers in 35 countries. The responses from this survey provide the underlying input for our proprietary Customer Experience Index (CEI) which measures customers’ banking experiences across 80 different touch points. The CEI addresses the disconnect between measures of customer confidence, loyalty, and satisfaction by identifying the factors that are most important to customers, and then measures satisfaction specifically along three dimensions: products (including checking, savings and payments accounts; credit cards; loans and mortgages); channels (including branch; internet; mobile device; phone; and ATM), and lifecycle stage (including information gathering; transacting; problem resolution; and account status and history).

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