Application Management

Companies rely on IT not only to reduce costs, but to add value to their business. Our Application Management services ensure you benefit from a cost-effective and efficient IT estate, while retaining the headroom you need to innovate and add value to the business.

More than Just 'Keeping the Lights on for Less'

Application Management services represent a departure from the traditional 'keep the lights on for less' approach. We take a comprehensive lifecycle view of your applications, and focus on the continuous improvement of your portfolio, ensuring your applications support the evolving needs of the business.

This lifecycle view is part of our Application Lifecycle Services, a family of offerings designed to improve the flexibility, productivity and positive business impact of your application portfolio. These services enable you to maximize investment in technology and free up room for innovation - all without the need for major upfront investment.

Application Management Tailored to Your Changing Needs

We work closely with you to maintain, adapt and develop your applications in order to minimize cost and maximize quality and flexibility.

Capgemini's Application Management services enable you to:

  • Significantly reduce your IT operating expenses
  • Maximize return on investment by improving the performance of your application portfolio
  • Achieve business efficiency and continuity by ensuring system and data availability, performance, functionality and integrity
  • Flex up or down as your business strategy and needs change
  • Improve user satisfaction

Sharing Risk and Responsibility

We're committed to your success. We build commercial and contractual incentives into each client engagement to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your application estate is aligned with your business objectives.

Innovating to Maximize the Use of Technology

Capgemini is a recognized global leader in applications management, with a proven track record of consistent and innovative delivery.

We worked with a leading car manufacturer to modernize its sales and marketing applications. This resulted in the implementation of a new web-based service portal and 29 targeted improvements that yielded £3.5m in savings.

Capgemini is proud to be certified by SAP as Global Provider of Application Management Services, a SAP-certified provider of solution implementation based on the Run SAP methodology, and an Oracle Diamond-Level Partner.

We have a wealth of methods, tools and accelerators:

  • Wide-Angle Rationalization Program (WARP): Provides you with a Rationalization Design, a rock-solid Business Case, and a pragmatic Transformation Roadmap in only a few weeks
  • Integrated Service Management: Ranges from strategy and operation to continual improvement
  • Strong governance model: Establishes processes, organizational structures, and decision-making mechanisms to enable effective implementation of your IT strategy
  • World-class transition model: Ensures service continuity and minimum impact on your business
  • Global network of Applications Management Service Centers: This gives continuous and seamless support through onshore, offshore and nearshore resources
  • CMMI® and ITIL® qualifications
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