Digital Content Services

One of the biggest challenges facing telecom, media and entertainment (TME) companies is to adapt their digital content services (DCS) to a new landscape with new rules. Capgemini can help TME companies make the changes required.

Stay Ahead

Digital content is an area subject to rapid and widespread change. With a powerful global workforce and partnership network, Capgemini has the skills and resources to enable you to stay one step ahead.

We have a media and entertainment (M&E) unit dedicated to the film, television, music, gaming, publishing, broadcast and hospitality sectors. Each M&E service offering has been developed with the unique needs of each industry in mind.

The Solutions You Need for Today

Capgemini is equipped with innovative solutions that can help your TME company adapt its approach to digital content services. These include:

  • Digital supply chain: manage media delivery from creation through distribution, using this fully digital infrastructure
  • Intellectual property: control the IP life-cycle, including contracts, rights and compliance
  • Customer experience: integrate cross-platform digital interfaces to align with consumer behavior
  • Business intelligence: leverage data and analytics with increased targeting and performance
  • Digital monetization: develop new revenue across integrated channels, media, and advertising and operating models


Capgemini takes a holistic view of your digital content service needs. Our approach comprises:

  • Initial market entry
  • Operations architecture and development
  • Back-office infrastructure design and installation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Outsourcing and applications management
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