Capgemini’s Co-Innovation Labs - Helping you think two steps ahead

The Co-Innovation Lab provides an entry point for clients to access the innovation capabilities of Capgemini. We work together to co-create innovative solutions and ideas for your business. We believe the key to success is collaborative innovation, working alongside our eco-system of partners, agencies, start-ups and technology leaders to help you think two steps ahead.
"The closed model of Innovation must become open, radically open."
- Gartner

Innovation – Stepping Ahead

Our Co-Innovation Lab has been designed to help you think two steps ahead, to identify and test innovative ideas that could transform your organisation.
What do we mean by innovation? We see there are three categories:
  1. Incremental
  2. Transformative
  3. Paradigm shifts

For example, take a retailer:
  • One step ahead thinking could be adding new technology to an existing stores e.g. Clienteling or iBeacons.
  • Two steps ahead thinking could be combining technology, facilities and people changes to create a completely new store concept, e.g. no point of sale, very little stock and deliver to home.
  • Three steps ahead thinking would ask questions such as do we still need a store? In the future is selling part of entertainment?

It's About Making it Easy

Through our own process of test and learn we have incubated four specific services that the Co-Innovation Lab can deploy to make it easy for you to generate and test innovative ideas.
Rapid Ideation Sessions
By combining our ASE facilitation capability with leading thinking on Integrated Design Thinking we have developed a highly productive rapid ideation session. Working through a process of scan, empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test we collaboratively create a set of innovative ideas that meet the needs of your consumers and business.
Crowd Sourcing
We believe that the great ideas are already out there, the challenge is how to unlock them. Through our crowd sourcing service we create a buzz of interest with leaderboards, rewards for the best ideas, senior level commitment to progress the winners and a gamified points system to drive internal buy in through recognition and transparency.
Hackathon Sessions
A set of handpicked experts and innovators work to create "minimum viable products" and deliver functioning demos after as little as two days. Delivered in the Capgemini ASE environment, where we have the necessary infrastructure and technology set up and ready to go. These co-creation sessions are about short-circuiting the creative process to get quickly to working Prototypes.
Rapid Prototyping – Using 'Test & Learn'
Ideas are one thing, turning them into working prototypes and then the prototypes into business as usual is another. Too often ideas get put into a long delivery cycle and held up by internal governance forums. Our 'Test and Learn' approach means we can take an idea into a real business environment with you and test it 'live' to assess its benefits and decide whether to roll it out. If the business has an appetite for the Idea, we have the means to make it happen - moving to business prototyping, rather than embarking on long IT planning cycles.

So What’s Next?

If you believe the Co-Innovation Lab could provide benefits to your business speak to your account manager or get in contact today via
"At its heart this is about being able to shift clients thinking – moving away from long term planning to a model where you can source ideas, rapidly test and learn from them, and so get to a concrete, functioning business outcome in 8 weeks not 6-9 months."
- Cliff Evans. Chief Digital Officer
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