Retail Mix & Match

Crear promociones específicas y aplicarlas en cuestión de minutos a través de todos sus canales. Retail Mix & Match ayuda a los minoristas y empresas de productos de consumo a ofrecer una experiencia consistente al cliente, al tiempo que minimiza el tiempo de comercialización.

Make Every Sale Count

Retail shopping is diversifying rapidly across multiple channels, from stores to websites to mobile phones and tablets. In today’s challenging marketplace, the right promotion delivered at the right time and via the right channel can make a substantial impact on a retailer’s bottom line.

But promoting products consistently across these channels can be a challenge. To meet targets and react to seasonal demands, retailers and consumer products companies need unrivaled flexibility to develop and implement promotions quickly.

Promotions at your Fingertips

Retail Mix & Match integrates easily with your point of sale system, web-shop and mobile apps. It enables you to:

  • Synchronize promotions across all channels, based on time of purchase, channel or customer loyalty level
  • Calculate discounts automatically
  • Simulate results before application
  • Promote a specific product, range or brand
  • Incentivize multi-buys or new products
  • Reward customers for social media promotions

Benefits include:

  • Implementation within two weeks
  • Unlimited flexibility to develop new promotion rules
  • Available both on-premise (licensed), and on a software-as-a-service (pay-per-use) basis

At a Check-out Near You

From fashion boutiques to grocery stores, major retailers worldwide have adopted Retail Mix & Match to optimize their promotions.

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