Microsoft Windows Azure

We make sure you achieve the benefits of Windows Azure cost-effectively so that business agility becomes a reality and not stay on the CIO’s wish list.

How to Create a More Agile Infrastructure

Historically business have always faced the challenges around containing IT costs. The more sophisticated the IT landscape, the more  investment needed to get the right IT infrastructure in place.
So CIOs are looking for ways to reduce their total cost of ownership and change how they spend, but at the same time, they need to help the organization react quicker to customer demand. This means  becoming more agile in getting products and services to market quicker and improve customer experience.
An answer to getting the right infrastructure and processes to meet your business needs lies in a cloud platform.

A Customized Approach to Cloud Computing Strategies

According to our recent survey, 73% of people questioned said they will adopt Windows Azure as part of their overall cloud strategy. That’s because with Microsoft’s public cloud environment to host applications, you get these immediate benefits

  • Speed to value: reduce deployment time by up to 70%
  • Flexibility: scale infrastructure resources as needed
  • Lower costs: achieve economy of scale and reduce capex
  • Security, reliability and compliance: ensure data protection and compliance
  • Greener IT: reduce your carbon footprint through the cloud

From our research, we know that organizations prefer to take a step-wise migration to the cloud and build new applications first before they consider moving old legacy systems.

That’s why at Capgemini, we work with you to design the right roadmap before we select, implement, and manage your Windows Azure application landscape through our Accelerated Delivery Centers. You’ll receive a range of consulting, development, migration and back-up services for the Windows Azure cloud platform to make your transition smooth:

  • Cloud Advisory Services: global applications, security issues and cloud-based business models
  • Azure Custom Development and Integration: professional services to build and integrate Windows Azure applications
  • Azure Agile Legacy Lifecycle: continuous rationalization to reduce costs and time-to-market
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Orchestration Services: aggregate existing online customer services on Windows Azure

Go to the Cloud with Confidence

Our 1,500 expert developers and architects in Windows Azure and twenty Accelerated Development Centers are on hand to help you make the most of this platform.

Examples of our latest projects:

Dutch Police: We were selected to develop a cloud strategy and create customer solutions tailored to 22 countries for their Virtual Police Service that will make it easier for officers to share information.

Texel, Dutch island in the North Sea. They decided to become energy neutral by 2020. The Smart Public Lighting plan allows staff to monitor and control the public street lights remotely through a web portal. Developed and built by Capgemini and hosted in Windows Azure, this web application is helping to cut 37% of energy use by 2015 and save costs.

The Island of Texel: Towards a Sustainable Future with Cloud

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