Cloud Broker

Navigate the complexity of cloud computing successfully while fully reaping its financial and operational benefits with our Cloud Broker.


Managing Complex Environments

Cloud computing has enormous potential to support the rigorous cost-cutting initiatives shaping today’s public sector. But certain perceived risks have held back many organizations from starting their journey to the Cloud. These include:

  • Multiple vendors
  • Overlapping payment models
  • Evolving standards

The public sector’s need to leverage data center investments also results in complexity, which can lead to outages, customer dissatisfaction and disputed billing. A solution that manages this complexity can provide a breakthrough in how your organization manages its IT infrastructure. 

Support Across the Lifecycle

Leveraging both your existing data center and the Cloud, Cloud Broker presents a single cloud solution that integrates and manages complexity of:

  • Multiple service-level agreements
  • Operating environments
  • Billing systems

Our support includes:

  • Strategy and planning: select the most appropriate cloud model using proprietary strategic and planning tools
  • Migration and transition: assess, implement and retire systems as cloud operations come online
  • Security and compliance: adhere to stringent security requirements, including the United States Federal Information Security Management Act
  • Services management: minimize risk and maximize ROI through contingency planning and investment reporting

A Secure and Flexible Journey to the Cloud

 Capgemini has extensive experience helping government agencies harness cloud services that assist them in completing their mission objectives.  We are one of the leaders in developing the cloud brokerage model for government agencies.  Cloud Broker makes sense:  the broker model is mutually beneficial for providers, agencies and taxpayers because it centralizes services and pricing, enables integration of different technologies, and helps with migration and integration of cloud services. 

We are helping government and aerospace clients around the globe integrate and manage complex, multi-vendor environments both in their existing data centers as well as in the cloud.  Because the public sector covers an extraordinarily wide range of services in different and distinct local and situational contexts, we help organizations take a tailored approach to cloud to get the most out of the opportunities it presents. 

Capgemini has supported a number of governments including the UK, Netherlands and the US, as well as the European Commission with cloud strategy development and implementation, including Information Pool (iPool) in the Netherlands, eProcurement Scotland, InnoEnergy, and Royal Mail.

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