Bill as You Wish

Our fully hosted cloud service handles every aspect of billing. Find out how it can help you propose innovative services and pricing plans to your customers.

Billing for the Modern Business Environment

Developing innovative pricing plans is critical to gaining competitive advantage. But many companies operate outdated billing systems that limit their ability to launch new offers.
Your billing system should accommodate any service, no matter how complex or innovative, including:
  • Special offers and bundles
  • Recurring payments and one-time fees
  • Pay-per-use, pre-pay and post-pay

Beat the Competition with Faster Time to Market

Our Bill as You Wish service assists you in developing new offers with unlimited parameters. You’ll quickly take them to market using our three advanced modules:
  • Billing: Manage offers, define prices, invoice customers, and track payments and accounts in real time
  • Customer Usage: Record usage and automatically send pricing back to billing module for invoicing
  • Financial Management: Generate payment calls, highlight rejected payments and unpaid bills, and manage financial reports

Secure, Scalable Software-as-a-Service

Bill as You Wish is offered in the Cloud and pay-per-use. It greatly reduces infrastructure costs and capital expenditure. This highly secure system, hosted on Prosodie-Capgemini servers, is fully integrated with your web services.
Following a two- to three-month deployment period, our dedicated support team remains available to resolve any technical issues.


To find out how advanced billing can drive your business forward, please contact Alexandre Huraut.
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