CFO Analytics

"CFOs know their systems contain useful data, but as they’re spread across business entities it’s difficult to make use of the information effectively. Our business analytics tools provide one structured view, offering real insight and analysis for you to make more informed decisions quickly."

- Terry Sandiford, Solutions Director - BPO Analytics
In today's economy, identifying opportunities for growth and savings while remaining agile and efficient remains a key challenge for CFOs as they strive for ongoing:
  • Revenue growth
  • Margin improvement
  • Enhancement of controls
  • Better cash flow
This needs visibility and transparency across your entire organization to highlight improvement opportunities. Advanced analytics applied to financial processes in a way that’s aligned to the CFO agenda can deliver real-time benefits and enable swift action.  

Transform Insight into Information

We use advanced analysis tools to aggregate large amounts of financial data and generate practical insight. We offer:
  • Revenue Assurance Analytics: Target revenue growth by reducing billing leakage and predicting credit risk
  • Expense Analysis: Improve margins by reducing waste and ensuring contract compliance
  • Control Analytics: Enhance financial risk analytics, statement quality and regulatory compliance performance
  • Working Capital Analytics: Optimize inventory and logistics for better cash flow
These analytics services help CFOs to
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and drive strategic initiatives
  • Enhance the control environment with real-time risk monitoring
  • Reduce working capital outlay by improving inventory turnover
  • Minimize pricing errors and customer disputes by more than 80%

An End-to-End Business Analytics Service

 Over 15,000 Capgemini team members provide financial accounting services in business process outsourcing and our 7,000 specialized consultants work with leading big data and analytics technologies.
Our business analytics approach has delivered concrete results for clients worldwide:
  • Recovered duplicate invoice payments worth $4 million for a global beverage company
  • Secured €15 million in savings by reducing stock waste and optimizing warehouse space for a leading consumer goods manufacturer
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