SAP Value Strategic Value Assessment

Our experts help you get the most out of SAP HANA: we define what you want to achieve, how to get there, and how to get the most value from it

HANA makes it possible to have BI analytics not only in real-time, but fast enough to be part of any business process. Much more than a technology change, SAP HANA is a business breakthrough technology.

Manuel Sevilla, BIM Expert Capgemini
Manuel Sevilla
CTO for Business Information Management

SAP HANA Can Maximize Business Value

SAP HANA enables your users to analyze large data volumes in real-time at incredible speeds. But how do you effectively implement it to drive true business value?

Adopting SAP HANA doesn't have to be daunting with our Strategic Value Assessment.that helps you define the road ahead both from technical and business perspectives.

An Assessment for Success

We collaborate with you to determine a SAP HANA adoption strategy to achieve business value. We review your current solution landscape, discuss your objectives, analyze your business challenges and determine how SAP HANA applies to your organization.

Our Strategic Value Assessment provides:

  • ERP assessment: Determine the effect on your core transactional systems
  • Business Analytics assessment: Uncover opportunities for SAP HANA-enabled business intelligence

You get a clear picture of the impact of SAP HANA on your programs, tools, people and processes along two main work streams:

  • Business Impact Track: Define business needs to form a vision for the solution
  • IT Viability Track: Develop a high-level vision that includes future processes and implementation phases

Following the assessment, we report on options and recommendations based on your unique requirements. As an experienced systems integrator, we can also accelerate the adoption process.

Switch on the Lightning with Capgemini

As the proud winner of two 2012 SAP Pinnacle Awards, Capgemini delivers innovative SAP solutions. We were recently awarded at SAP Innojam 2012 for "Detective HANA," a solution that helps resolve crimes using SAP HANA.

With more than 200 resources in our SAP HANA Center of Excellence, our teams focus on your business needs to help you define what’s best for you. One of our recent successes includes Provimi , a world leader in animal nutrition, whom we helped run reports faster response times 300 times faster with no disruption to business as usual.

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