Business Intelligence Service Center

Having a business performance culture and business focus on information are key elements of an effective Business Information Management strategy.

Capgemini Business Information Service Center (BISC) Transform your business through information

Ensuring the skills and competencies to deliver and use the information are in place is critical to drive business benefit. Similarly, without the infrastructure and resources to quickly respond to information needs, business users will look for their information elsewhere, resulting in a spiral of declining use, quality and ultimately trust in the core information produced. A well-designed Business Intelligence Service Center can be a critical instrument in creating an information-centric organization.

Developing an Effective Business Intelligence Service Center

Developing an effective business intelligence service center is not easy. Capgemini works with organizations to build this capability, which will help unlock the potential of their business information. There are a number of key success factors:

  • Skills and competencies: making sure that both business and IT have the relevant skills to develop, deliver and use new and enhanced information sources
  • A stable and scalable business intelligence platform that is designed to grow and change seamlessly as the organization’s informational needs change
  • Business ownership of the information and the reporting/analysis environment
  • Development of a service-level culture for both the existing business information delivery and for the development of solutions for new information requirements

Once these are in place, it is possible to move to a “factory model” for business intelligence development and support, using Capgemini’s Rightshore® framework to lower the cost base and increase scalability and flexibility. Capgemini has unique capabilities to support customers through this journey to unlock their business Information potential.

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