Business Information Management y IBM

La información es uno de sus activos empresariales más valiosos. Nuestros servicios de Business Information Management abordan todo el ciclo de vida de la información para asegurarse de obtener valor de negocio real a partir de sus recursos de datos.

How to Treat Your Customer Like an Individual, Not a Transaction

Obtener la información correcta en el momento adecuado para la decisión correcta 

La interconexión de las personas, sistemas y dispositivos y el constante crecimiento de los datos generan nuevos tipos de desafíos y oportunidades. Sin embargo, grandes datos y análisis predictivo no son simplemente las tecnologías en sí mismas, necesitan entender el negocio y la tecnología de bases para asegurar la alta calidad y la toma de decisiones fiable. 
Por lo tanto, las empresas necesitan la guía derecha para remodelar sus procesos, arquitecturas de datos y servicios de BI que traerán la analítica para el punto justo del impacto.

How We Work Together

Capgemini’s BIM vision combined with IBM technology enables you to complete your transformation journey and deliver your information strategy.

Through our BI Services Centers and Centers of Excellence across the world dedicated to IBM Technology, you will experience the true value of collaboration.
We collaborate with IBM on the following areas that address today’s new business challenges and makes your organization become smarter:


Enterprise Content Management:

A key partner of IBM in the ECM domain and a leader in Europe, our team of skilled consultants across the globe is on hand to support you and increase your time to market. We’ve developed solutions endorsed by IBM in their ECM Industry Solutions Catalog.

Data Governance:

We help you manage your data before it manages you. We believe that our track record of working in collaboration with IBM will provide you with a strong and effective capacity to leverage your customer information to better understand your business.  As an example, our Mastering Campaign Management solution leveraging IBM MDM, delivers a single view of the customer, enabling retailers to make the transition to omni-channel and location-based marketing.

Big Data

Combining Capgemini‘s Big Data vision and industry expertise with IBM’s Big Data solutions you can make most of your data to innovate and create business-differentiating value. Our Center of Excellence on Big Data uses IBM technology, and provides accelerator tools and demonstrators to support your big data use cases.

Business Analytics

We have several BI Services centers based on IBM Smarter Analytics Platform and  Also  ourIBM BI Center of Excellence proposes experienced use-cases in a live environment. With our service centers and center of Excellence, you can leverage IBM technology to ‘turn insights into actions” and create business value.

Innovative, Replicable Solutions for a Smarter Business

Capgemini’s solutions using IBM technology are listed in the IBM Industry Solutions Catalog:

Data Governance : Maximize the Effectiveness of Real time and Social Marketing

Capgemini’s Mastering Campaign Management supports retailers to make the transition to omni-channel marketing. With the power of the IBM Unica platform and InfoSphere MDM standard Edition, you can identify individual customers via social and physical channels, and enable that information to be shared and targeted in real time.

ECM: Building the Privileged Customer Experience

Capgemini’s Collaborative Customer Interactions Management solution, built on IBM Case Manager, allow you to restore the human connection and create intimate customer experiences. It’s designed to complement the latest customer relationship management (CRM) technology and can act as a bridge for those companies with legacy CRM systems or without one.

You will also achieve real-time collaboration across the organization through a single intuitive interface. The solution delivers a blended view of all types of content from all types of channels (e.g. text, email, completed forms, signed documents, audio and video) .

Strong Collaboration For Real Outcomes

Capgemini and IBM Software’s collaboration is founded on over 20 years of joint work in the Information Management and Integration space. Backed by this strong foundation, we’ve already helped a number of clients address the next generation of Big Data challenges.   

Innovative Collaboration at client level with Norwegian Bank

Capgemini and IBM work together with Norway’s largest bank in this space and show how you can adopt a smarter approach to managing reference data. DNB, Norway’s largest bank, is addressing its reference data challenges using IBM’s Reference Data Management solution. 

Our reputation for innovation and collaboration has also been recognized:

Enterprise Content Management 2012Capgemini Netherlands awarded the IBM Enterprise Content Management Excellence Award during the IBM Information on Demand Event in Las Vegas in October 2012.
Beacon Awards 2012:  Capgemini Italia was finalist in the IBM Beacon awards 2013 under the category Smarter Computing Analytics and Big Data - Information Management Innovation for their work in Master Data Management.
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