Straight-through Processing for Business Lending Origination: Capgemini BizLender 360(sm)

Using technology and expertise to boost efficiency, enhance compliance, and provide customer service that drives sustainable growth.

Steve Byrnes Talks Lending and BizLender 360SM with Pega

To capture today’s demand, business lenders need the critical process of loan origination to run at maximum speed and efficiency while meeting increased regulatory pressures.

This process remains inefficient as lenders continue to use multiple and disparate applications and data sources, resulting in:
  • Increased loan processing cycles
  • Cumbersome exception management
  • Poor compliance reporting and pipeline management

Business lenders today require solutions which can quickly streamline and automate lending origination process in an integrated fashion.

Capgemini BizLender 360(sm), offered in partnership with Pegasystems, helps business lenders achieve straight through processing for loan origination, driving major operational efficiency gains, better risk management and reporting, and superior customer service.

Key benefits which you can achieve with Capgemini BizLender 360(sm) are:
  • Reduce time to market by up to 30%
  • Integrated risk management and pricing interface
  • Easy exception management through systematic integration of credit policy
  • Increased transparency and compliance for regulators through integrated audit trail
  • Ability to view and analyze status of deals and research prior deals with process dashboards
  • Reuse credit package on future deals by enabling archiving
  • Improved data integrity and reduced downstream exceptions

Capgemini Edge

Capgemini can help you build a production ready pilot within 150 days driven by our unique accelerator prototype, with a minimal disruption to your business. Our capabilities which deliver accelerated benefits to our clients while reducing risk include:

  • Global network of commercial lending experts and more than 450 financial services-focused business process management experts
  • Access to industry best practices and repeatable, continuously refined models
  • 15+ years of experience in building and supporting lending systems for the world’s largest banks
  • Platinum partnership and six years of dedicated Pegasystems focus with specialization in PegaRULES Process Commander® (PRPC) applications

Contact us to request a no-obligation, free demo of Bizlender360.

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