Single Euro Payments Area End Date / Migration

Whatever the state of your SEPA initiative, Capgemini can help you achieve full migration

Views from STET on the Transforming Payments Market

In December 2010, the European Commission published a technical requirements proposal for credit transfer and direct debits that seeks to pave the way for Euro retail payment schemes migration to SEPA schemes. The proposed migration dates are set 12 months after the ‘in force’ date for credit transfer and 24 months for direct debits, resulting in migration end dates of end 2012 and end 2013 respectively subject to the finalization of regulation. As regulation unfolds, financial institutions must work towards full SEPA realization. This is leading to the migration of domestic credit transfers and direct debits towards SEPA equivalents.

Capgemini delivers end-to-end support to help financial institutions realize SEPA through:

  • Program management. Tie together multiple initiatives under your SEPA vision through a program management office (PMO). Our SEPA PMO services can help you manage multiple programs to realize SEPA vision.
  • SWIFT services. Simplify your messaging requirements with our SWIFT service bureau. Where you choose to access the SWIFT network directly, we can help your upgrade efforts with testing accelerators for SEPA messages.
  • BBAN to IBAN migration. We developed an industrialized methodology to support this process and deliver it in a factory-based mode to assure planned performance.
  • Test factory. Our industry-leading global testing capability is delivered through our Rightshore® network to support your testing needs.
  • SDD mandate management. Comply with the mandate management requirements of SDD by leveraging our experience with Sentenial and other specialized vendors.
  • People readiness. Our SEPA education and training services can help bring your people up to date

Learn more about the evolving SEPA landscape in the World Payments Report 2012.

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