Gestión de patrimonions

Contamos con más de 20 años en la industria de gestión de patrimonios con experiencia de servicios a Individuos de Alto Patrimonio y la publicación del World Wealth Report, Asia-Pacífico Wealth Report y Capgemini’s U.S. Metro Wealth Index
Ayudamos a nuestros clientes a acelerar sus estrategias de crecimiento en el mercado de gestión de la riqueza mediante la optimización de iniciativas de los clientes de cara al mercado y las iniciativas de canal orientado al asesor / distribución. 
Colaboramos con nuestros clientes para:

Develop Market Analysis and Growth Strategies Leveraging Our Customized International & U.S. City HNWI Market Sizing Models

Capgemini provides customized market sizing and analysis to address new market entry analysis and market growth strategies for current or expanding footprints based on the models used to develop the World Wealth Report and the Capgemini U.S. Metro Wealth Index. We help banks, financial institutions and other companies interested in serving High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) understand their unique characteristics and needs. The scope and structure of our market sizing engagements are customizable to accommodate your strategic requirements. In a challenging global market, there is no better time for leading firms to address new internal and external priorities in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Improve Financial Advisor Productivity

Taking action to deliver superior customer experiences in a cost-effective manner, leading wealth management firms are improving their advisors’ efficiency by building integrated, end-to-end wealth management platforms, products, productivity tools, prescribed business processes and technology for their advisor forces.

Manage Complexities of Sophisticated High Net Worth Clients

We help clients address the demand of affluent clients at all wealth levels for increased levels of transparency and control over their financial affairs and minimized exposure to investment scandals and downside risk by encouraging collaboration

Conduct World Wealth Report Briefings & Workshops

Our wealth management consultants prepare customized findings from the World Wealth Report and U.S. Metro Wealth Index to address your firm’s requirements and develop an executive presentation that discusses the findings in-depth, highlighting implications and key questions for your firm. These executive briefings are hosted at your location and run by Capgemini wealth management consultants.

In addition, Capgemini can conduct focused interviews with your team to understand key priorities and issues through our onsite workshops. We then benchmark our findings against World Wealth Report data analysis to summarize and incorporate the output into a presentation. An agreed number of discussions or break-out sessions are facilitated by our Capgemini wealth management consultants to discuss issues and solutions with executives.

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