Capgemini EMV Offerings

Leveraging EMV technology to improve your cards and payments business

With customers demanding better fraud detection capabilities and higher security measures, migrating to EMV standards has emerged as a strategic necessity for the US payments industry. The major card networks—Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express—have set deadlines which make EMV the biggest project facing the US banking industry over the next three to five years.

Whether you are unsure about the transition to EMV or have decided to begin an EMV transition, Capgemini is uniquely qualified to help build and implement your EMV roadmap. With comprehensive EMV offerings, Capgemini assists clients to understand EMV-related business opportunities and challenges–including internet banking, mobile payments, and other digital solutions–and to develop a card-product strategy that maximizes business return on an EMV-technology investment. Our offerings help you:

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of the EMV announcement
  • Define a product strategy to incorporate EMV
  • Develop an EMV implementation roadmap that covers:
    • Understanding, evaluating and selecting the right technologies to achieve your EMV strategy
    • Risk assessment
    • Card replacement program
    • Customer communication and education.
  • Set up and execute EMV implementation program

The Capgemini Edge

When you turn to Capgemini, you’re getting a partner who can ensure that the EMV transition will be efficient, cost-effective, and flawless. 

We bring:
  • Over 10 years hands-on experience with EMV including support for more than 500 million chip cards in the US, UK, Mexico, Middle East, Australia, Canada and Finland
  • Ability to leverage best practices and lessons learned from prior EMV experience with issuers, acquirers and both regulatory and proprietary networks
  • More than 16 years of experience with 5,000+ projects delivered in the cards space for over 20 global clients including five of the top 20 issuers
  • Over 2,700 dedicated Cards professionals to help you make a smooth and cost effective transition

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